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Thank you for your interest in playing [Deep Into and Back Out of the Belly of a Huge] Mechanical Beast!
This is a tile laying/manipulation puzzle, where you play as an exploration party of engineers who, together with your android helper, must explore the belly of a giant robot to find its control room and deactivate it.
During the first part of the game, the maze of rooms will grow as you explore, until you find the off switch. The rest of the game the rooms are collapsing around you, and you must quickly make your way to the exit before the robot locks down, trapping you forever within its bowels. You can change the layout of the rooms using the gears you find within, to help you find an exit.
You win by getting everyone, including your trusted android, out of the beast.

The game can be played solo, co-op, or competitively with up to 4 players.

After submitting, you will get a link to the Print and Play folder. Open the "READ ME FIRST" document for the instructions.
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