Goodhue School Safety Bus Test
Students will complete this bus test to demonstrate their knowledge of bus safety in the following areas in compliance with MN Statue 123B.90.

1. Transportation by school bus is a privilege and not a right.
2. District policies for student conduct and bus safety.
3. Appropriate conduct while on the school bus.
4. The danger zones surrounding a school bus.
5. Procedures for safety boarding and leaving a school bus.
6. Procedures for safe street or road crossing.
7. School bus evacuation.

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Question 1. Riding the school bus is a privilege and may be revoked for poor student behavior. *
Question 2. According to the diagram below, the area (in red) around the bus is known as the: *
Question 3. According to the diagram (above), what area is extremely dangerous and should not be used by students. *
Question 4. Which of the following is appropriate behavior at the bus stop? *
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Question 5. While waiting for the bus after school is released, where is the best place to wait? *
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Question 6. All of the following describe appropriate bus behavior while riding the bus, EXCEPT: *
Question 7. In case of an emergency, students may be directed to: *
Question 8. When exiting the school bus and crossing the street, students should: *
Question 9. The bus is an extension of the classroom and rules for the school apply to the bus. *
Question 10. If you have a problem on the bus, what should you do? *
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