Manville Farmers Market Survey
Please help Manville better understand what residents would want to make the Farmers' Market more successful!
How often do you visit Manville's Farmers' Market? *
What do you like BEST about the Farmers' Market? *
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What do you like LEAST about the Farmers' Market? *
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What additional vendors (specific or in general) would you like to see added to the market? *
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What do you think about the location of Manville's Farmers' Market at South Main Street and Rosalie Street? *
Do you think the Farmers' Market should be moved to a different location? *
If yes, where would you prefer it be moved?
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Would you be interested in having speakers/presentations/activities at the Farmers' Market next season? *
If yes, please provide any recommendations for speakers and/or activities you would like to see at the market.
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The Farmers' Market has been running from 12:00-5:00pm on Fridays from the 2nd Friday in June through September. Is this time frame satisfactory or should it be revised? *
Who is your favorite Farmers' Market vendor and why? *
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What other suggestions do you have to make the Farmers' Market better for you? *
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