ISANJA BOARD GAME - Words Survey (History)
Isanja Board Game is conducting a Word Survey for Isanja Words.
This Survey form is related to Nigeria History only. For other Categories, go to
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2. Name one prominent Female in Nigerian History
1. Name one Historical date in Nigeria (e.g. Oct 1st – Independence day)
3. Name one political party in in the 80’s or 90’s or earlier.
4. Name one Place/ joint / location with historical value in Nigeria
5. Name one event with Historical Value in Nigeria
6. Name one person that has been president of Nigeria
7. Name one person that has been Vice President in Nigeria
8. Name one Governor (former or present) that most people won’t remember their name
9. Name one former State Governor in Nigeria
10. Name one former CBN governors in Nigeria
11. Name one person that appears on Naira Note
12. Name one person that has been a Emir or traditional ruler in Northern Nigeria
13. Name one popular person that holds a Chieftain title in Igboland
14. Name one popular Chief, Oba or King in Yoruba land
15. Name one Historical name from Benin Kingdom
16. Name one historical name from Nigerian colonial days
17. Name one historical information from Ancient Hausa Empire
18. Name one state Military Administrator during Military rule in Nigeria
19. Name one political party or person(s) in Nigeria in the 90's, 80's or earlier
20. Add One WORD that relates to Nigerian History
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