#ICANHELP Pre-Presentation Feedback
We need your feedback! Please take this short survey about social media. #ICANHELP will be coming to your school and the information you share will help with the presentation. Keep in mind, the results from this survey will only be seen by us and shared with your school. We will not be collecting any personal information, such as names of students or contact information.
What is the name of your School? *
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In a typical day, do you think about the impact of the information that you post online (i.e., how it will make people feel)? *
Not really
Very much
Have you ever thought about reporting a negative post that harassed or put other students down?
If you see online drama, or someone being put down, what are you most likely to do? (check all that apply) *
In general, what efforts to spread positivity on and offline are currently in place at your school? *
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#ICANHELP is about educating and empowering students on and offline. What would you like to learn from the presentation? *
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Have you ever reviewed or changed the privacy settings within your social media accounts? *
What are privacy settings?
How confident are you in detecting negative posts online (e.g., people being put down or comments to cause drama or to harass someone on purpose)? *
Not at all confident
Very confident
In your lifetime, have you ever cyberbullied others (e.g., to use an electronic device to put down, cause drama, to harass, or to mistreat someone on purpose)? *
Not very likely
Very likely
Cyberbullying is when someone uses an electronic device to cause drama, harass, mistreat, or make fun of another person on purpose. In your own words, what are side effects for victims of cyberbullying? *
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In your own words, why do you think people cyberbully others? *
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