Survey for Accommodations for Nursing/Pumping Mothers in Massachusetts Courts
In 2018, the Massachusetts Federal Court adopted an order regarding accommodations for nursing mothers. This was an effort led by the Women's Bar Association of Massachusetts (WBA) and the Massachusetts Employment Lawyers Association (MELA). The order provides procedures to accommodate nursing mothers who have business at the Court.

However, accommodations remain an issue in the state courts and administrative tribunals and boards. The WBA in collaboration with Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers is working to establish standards for accommodations in state courts, administrative tribunals, and administrative boards throughout the Commonwealth.

In order to move forward with this initiative, we are looking to collect data from women that practice in the state courts, and before administrative tribunals and boards. We plan to use this data to determine which courts and administrative bodies to focus our efforts. If you provide your contact information, we may follow up with you to discuss your experiences and inquire about your interest in helping with these efforts. We will not identify anyone individually when reporting or sharing the data. We appreciate your responses and will follow up with you once we begin work.

Thank you for your time!

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