Volunteer Form:  The Berryman Adventure, 2022
We have some specific jobs and shifts that need to be covered to staff the race.  Please answer the questions below to indicate your availability.  Please select all jobs you would be willing and able to do, even if you select jobs that conflict.  Someone will get back with you to verify your actual assignment.
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If you are participating in the 6hr or Berryman Lite race, and want help with the 18hr course, you can do that!  Just let us know here so we can plan accordingly, and complete this questionnaire as well.
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Swag-bag stuffing:  We're meeting at the Rolla Public House loft at 6PM on Thursday, April 7, to sort shirts & bib numbers and stuff and organize the swag bags.  The more hands we have the sooner we'll be done!
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What is your lodging plan for race weekend?
Cell phone coverage is very sketchy in the Echo Bluff  area.  Please let us know your cell carrier.
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Check-in team:  You will sit in the lobby of the Echo Bluff lodge and process the incoming racers.  That includes handing out swag-bags, collecting waivers, verifying registration, etc.   Then you'll verify the paperwork and package for submission.  I need at least 4 people at each shift.
Post-race Food crew:  Assist with setting up, serving, and cleaning up after the post-race food at race HQ (Bluff Top Pavilion at Echo Bluff).
Special gear / skills:  Please let us know if you have any of the following gear or skills you are willing to offer to support the race on April 9.
Austere transition area:  You will stay at a remote location which has no facilities.   So you will need to be prepared and willing to function without running water, toilets, cellular signal, or electricity.  You will have your vehicle with you and a MURS (walkie-talkie) radio to communicate with a ham radio operator at another location.  You will stand watch over canoes or bikes, and process racers as they pass, photograph racers, and perform gear checks.
Provisioned transition area:  This is a transition area with restrooms, water, electricity, shelter, and probably wifi and telephone.  Because this is easier duty the shifts are longer.
Rover:  This person drives or rides around in a vehicle (yours, ideally), stays in contact with HQ, and deals with issues on the course.  You'll photograph racers you encounter, respond to requests for assistance, support the remote staff at the transition areas, and other duties as assigned.  Ideally there will be two in the vehicle (driver an assistant).  Ideally you would use your own vehicle, and have a bike rack or truck bed and extra seats (backseat or extended cab) for a racer or two that need a ride.
Late crew:  The late crew arrives at race HQ at 10PM on Saturday and helps out with the post-race pictures, food, and general pandemonium.  Then as the race breaks up, the late crew cleans the campsite and packs the gear.  Some will go back to Rolla to re-stow the club gear in the storage locker that night.  Others will sleep over, and on Sunday morning, in the daylight, will go back through the site and make sure everything looks good.   I'm looking for at least six people total, but the more the better!
Are you affiliated with one of the racing teams?  If so, indicate below.
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