RingCentral for Salesforce 6.0 (Beta) Sign Up Form
RingCentral for Salesforce 6.0 (beta) provides an opportunity for our users to get early access to the following list of features targeted for the 6.0 GA (Q4 2018). The features will be rolled out in phases during this beta period.

Phase 1 (roll out date 8/27)

Enhanced User Experience
Set presence status from Salesforce Integration
Auto create call log
Manually save call log
Schedule Meeting
AutoFill Contact for Calling and Compose Text
Access to Text message history from message section
Access to Voicemail history from message section
Access to Fax history from message section
Option to log older calls

Phase 2 (roll out 9/28)

Simple Call Control
“All calls” tab for managing calls in one page.
Capability to control the call simultaneously while logging the call
Change Task subtype to “Call” for logged calls.

Once you fill out this form the Product team at RingCentral will reach out via email with the specific details to begin the installation.

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