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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Long Island Immigration Clinic! In order to see if your skill-set and availability would be a good fit for our clinic, please fill out the following volunteer inquiry form. We appreciate your time and interest! If you have any questions, please reach out to our program coordinator Dena Spanos at spanos@liimmigrationclinic.org.
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Helping our immigrant neighbors (also known as a “Friend”) to fill out an application for asylum is a team effort. All team members are trained in this process and training will take place over three weeks with 1.5 hour-long sessions. It requires a team of three persons to assist the Friend in this process and typically takes 4-5 weeks (assuming 1 session / week) to complete an application. Team Members provide continuity by staying with one case until its completion. For a more detailed description of our volunteer roles, please see below:
The interpreter should be fully fluent in the native language the Friend speaks. Spanish or Creole are the predominant languages needed. It is the interpreter’s job is to make sure the Friend understands all discussion about the application including questions that any one of the 3 team members asks, as well as comments the team members make. The interpreter should help the Friend say everything necessary to do the application and also to make sure that other members of the team understand what the Friend is trying to express.

Computer Person:
The computer person needs to be technologically proficient, able to download forms and to type information into these forms while the asylum interview is in process. All forms needed for a Friend’s application are in the Clinic database, and all input can be typed directly on the forms. As the conversation that is part of the interview is being taken down by the note taker, the computer person is also typing that into the form. A case file is created for each friend; at the end of each clinic session, the computer person uploads into the friend’s case file a copy of whatever form or forms that have been worked on (whether the form is still in progress or completed).

Note Taker:
The note taker is the team member who writes notes by hand to capture any discussion or ideas which may not be directly addressed in questions on the form. These notes can be critical to flesh out the story the Friend needs to tell. These may also provide details that are useful to an attorney. At the end of each Clinic session with the friend, the note taker fills out a team sheet which indicates the status of the case –how much of the application has been completed during the Clinic session, if there are any tasks the Friend has been given by the team to complete before meeting with them the next time (for example, getting copies of legal documents such as birth or marriage certificates, ID photos, sworn affidavits from individuals who might have witnessed the situation in the Friend’s home country), and if they have any questions for the clinic staff that need answers before the next clinic session. When the Clinic operates face-to-face rather than virtually, the note taker may also be asked to photo copy the final case record.
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In addition to working directly with our immigrant Friends to complete their asylum paperwork, there are other volunteer roles that will be tremendously helpful for the clinic. Please review below.
The researcher(s) will be tasked with compiling reputable research regarding the country conditions for the outlined home countries of our Friends. The researcher is an integral member of the volunteer team as their work will be directly submitted with the asylum application to ensure case strength and viability. These reports must be from “neutral” international organizations, nonprofits, or news organizations, which include objective findings about a country. The researcher will produce general country condition reports and specific to certain cases to reflect specific timelines. This volunteer can be completely virtual.

Child Care Volunteer
The child care volunteer should be comfortable supervising children from ages 4-12 years old during the 2-hour clinic session. With our Friends needing to give full attention to their application process, we are blessed with a childcare room which we will welcome the children of our Friends and volunteers. This role is best suited for someone with prior experience watching children and isn't afraid to get creative!

Transportation Volunteer
The transportation volunteer will be responsible for assisting with the transportation of our Friends to and from the clinic. The role requires you to have your own vehicle and have a comfort level high enough to allow our Friends to drive with you. We would try to match Friends who live proximate to your home geographic area.

We welcome you to inquire about floater roles within the clinic to complete tasks such as passing out papers, snacks, etc., greeting Friends at the door, and helping with setup/cleanup.
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What are some of your strengths (e.i. attention to detail, use of technology, research, active listening, communication, etc.)
Trainings are set to be in-person. If circumstances change (i.e. COVID-19-related issues), are you comfortable with virtual trainings? *
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