Join Rep. Halbrook's Advisory Committees
We have four committees you can join. You aren't limited to just one. The committee names are below:

-Agriculture Advisory Committee
-Business Advisory Committee
-Local Government Advisory Committee
-Young Leaders Advisory Committee

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The Agriculture Advisory Committee
Focus: Laws, Rules & Regulations that impact farming
Potential Members: Farmers, Farm Bureau Members, Veterinarians, truckers, equipment suppliers, etc.
Business Advisory Committee
Focus: Laws, Regulations, and tax policies that impact economic growth
Potential Members: Small business owners, chamber of commerce members, bankers, etc.
Local Government Advisory Committee
Focus: Government Efficiency and accountability to the citizens and taxpayers
Potential Members: Elected officials from towns, villages, townships & counties
Young Leaders Advisory Committee
Focus: Long-term impact of public policies on future generations
Potential Members: High School Students from public, private and home schools and College students interested in public policy and government process
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