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Dear all,

The last decade has seen the creation of a literature studying economic effects of climate change. This literature spans diverse subfields of economics (applied micro, macro theory, time series econometrics, trade, finance etc). Papers have been written by some of the prominent economists in the world and have been published in the leading journals of the profession.

We, Toan Phan (Richmond Fed) and Christian Matthes (Indiana), want to start a reading group that studies these diverse papers (a very incomplete list can be found below). You are receiving this email because we think you might be interested in attending the meetings. We plan to have a format where each meeting (via zoom) is 90 minutes long and we present one or two papers per meeting. We are aiming for around one meeting per month.

Reading groups have been the backbone of many of the best PhD programs in economics, inspired by Tom Sargent's reading groups. We think a reading group would be a great way to learn more about these diverse papers and to ultimately inform all of our research on climate change and economics (or to motivate us to start doing research in this area!). We envision this as an opportunity for PhD students and researchers across different institutions to interact and learn from each other.

Below you find the link to a very incomplete (and macro-heavy) list of papers that could be featured in the reading group:

The first meeting is scheduled for Friday, April 23rd at 10 am ET.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We hope to see you at the first meeting!

Toan and Christian
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