would you spare an hour/week, to save an entire life?
we swear to shield her from the daily grind of survival, if you promise to teach for just 1 hour/week, right from your home.
yes. i want to help, as a *
any particular child you would like to mentor?
please request their name from our 'meet the kids' list here, along with the reason. visit here for the list: https://wortheeorg.wordpress.com/
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if the kid doesn't know English yet, i will need a translator during the session *
what days can you spare an hour? *
mon-sun. also tell us a preferred hour so we can match you with the right child and team.
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your e-mail *
so we can co-ordinate the next steps
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your phone number (with country code) *
we will ONLY share it with our partner non profit team, so we can co-ordinate the next steps
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