BCI Team Applications (Spring 2021)
Congratulations on completing the workshop series! For Spring 2021, we do not expect to create new BCI teams, though this may change depending on how many people apply to be on a team. Instead, you will be joining one of the BCI teams from winter quarter, who have all decided to continue with their projects for spring quarter.
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What was the most valuable thing you've learned from CruX? (250 words max) *
If you're interested in seeing what each team has accomplished so far and what their goals are for this quarter, check out this video. Timestamps for each project are included in the description.
Please indicate your first and second choice for the BCI projects that you are most interested in working on. *
Project Beats (Theta Waves and Memory)
Brain Betrayal (P300 Lie Detector)
SleepWave (EEG Alarm Clock)
BrainBrush (Emotional Classifier)
EggHead (SSVEP Game)
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The BCI teams are a lot more self-directed in terms of project management. How will you stay motivated to work on the BCI project and keep your self-imposed deadlines? (250 words max) *
Please briefly state your other commitments such as classes and extracurriculars and how much time you plan to spend on them. *
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