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Our adoption fee is $390 for adult dogs, $250 for seniors (8 years and older), $600 for puppies under 1 year, which includes all routine vet work, plus a microchip. Illinois Shorthair Rescue is dedicated to finding the very best homes for the rescue GSPs in our program. To meet this goal, we carefully scrutinize all applications. We check all veterinarian, landlord, and personal references. If you are serious about adopting a GSP from our group, please complete the application IN FULL. Questions left blank will only slow the adoption procedure. Please note that since our mission is to reduce the pet overpopulation problem, we will not adopt to homes with pets that are not spayed/neutered unless there is a reasonable explanation as to why the animal is not spayed or neutered (i.e., being shown in conformation, medical, etc.) Thank You
Have you ever tried to adopt a dog from Illinois Shorthair Rescue in the past? *
If yes, what happened (with ISR)?
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If you rent, do you have your landlord's permission to keep a dog?
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Why do you want to adopt a dog? *
Is this dog for you and your family? *
If not for your family, who is it for?
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If there are any drastic changes in your lifestyle, will your dog still be part of the adjustment? (i.e. getting married, divorced, having children, moving to an apartment)?
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Please list animals you have owned for the past 5 years starting with the most recent. If the pet is not still with you, where is it now?
Please tell us Name, Age, Sex, Animal type, Breed, Spayed/Neutered, Where is it now?
If you currently have a dog or cat, how do you think that pet will adjust to a new dog coming into the home?
Do you have a regular veterinarian? If yes, please list the contact information for that vet. *
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Are there any other vets you use(d) for vaccines and heartworm medications? *
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Do you share a yard with other tenants? *
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If no fence, how do you plan on keeping your dog safely within your yard?
Do you have an outdoor kennel? *
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In what situation would you allow your dog off leash? *
Do you have a suitable dog crate? *
If so, what type?
My dog will be housed in:
Where will it sleep at night? *
How many hours per day will the dog be left alone and where will it be housed while you are gone?
Please specify where your current animals (if any) are housed?
Whose responsibility will be the care of the dog?
Do you have other visitors or family come to your home (human or animal) with which a new dog will have to interact? *
Please describe interactions.
If you are unable to be home to care for the dog for an extended period of time, such as vacation, travel for work, or illness, who will care for your dog?
Is your lifestyle: *
What activities do you plan to do with your dog? *
Are you looking for a dog to go hunting with? *
Will your new dog be kennel/crate/cage trained? *
If No, why not?
Will you attend dog obedience classes? *
If No, why not (obedience)?
Are you prepared for chewing, digging, scratching, housetraining, and/or mischievous behavior? *
How will you reprimand your dog? *
It may take several months for your new dog to adjust to its new home and family. How will you handle this?
What behavior would cause you to return the dog to GSP Rescue?
Do you have time, patience, love and physical ability to exercise a dog? *
Are you willing to commit to owning a dog for the next 10-15 years? *
Do you have an age preference?
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If yes, what age?
Do you have a gender preference?
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What is the name or names of the dog(s) you are applying for?
If the dog you are applying for is no longer available, are you open to considering other dogs?
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How did you find Illinois GSP Rescue?
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