YouBelong is for RockRidge Canyon Alumni – Everyone who has worked or volunteered at RockRidge Canyon.

It’s been over 15 years since RockRidge Canyon opened. For many, RockRidge Canyon has been a special place where faith has grown, memories were made and lasting friendships established – all while working and volunteering.

YouBelong is the developing vision for all RockRidge Canyon alumni to stay connected, share stories and make time to spend time together.

You are valued and appreciated! We celebrated our kickoff with the "ReKindle" weekend in November 2019, celebrating 15 years together. Let's keep the momentum happening!

Basically, you, if you’ve worked or volunteered in any capacity on site. YouBelong includes RockRidge Canyon Property Staff, Summer Assignment Teams, Interns, Summer Staff and Work Crew who volunteered for a season or term, plus adult volunteers who have served midweek and weekend rental groups.

We’re trying to find everyone. So many folks have worked and volunteered at RockRidge Canyon over the years. Some have changed their last names, hairstyles, and plenty have changed their email addresses. Finding everyone is a community effort but it starts with you.

This YouBelong questionnaire helps us find and connect fellow RockRidge Canyon alumni over time. Please take a couple minutes to fill it out.

1. Complete the YouBelong@RRC questionnaire below.
2. Share it with your RockRidge Canyon contacts.
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1) Building and maintaining lifelong YouBelong connections
Sign up for our YouBelong@RRC newsletters and volunteer opportunities and be entered in a draw for one free ReKindle Anniversary Weekend stay November 8-11, 2019. Draw will be held Monday, August 12, 2019 (International Youth Day!)
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What roles have you held at RockRidge Canyon?
We would like to know when you served in the past and in what capacity. We hope this will help in setting up communities and sharing stories in the future.

Who's who? PROPERTY STAFF includes those who where full time, part time and casual staff. A-TEAM (Assignment Team) are coordinators within a summer session. SUMMER INTERNS served between May 1 and August 31st. INTERNS, OTHER served during the rental season only. SUMMER STAFF (young adults) and WORK CREW (teens) served during a summer session or winter camp. ADULT VOLUNTEERS served our groups during the rental season.
Property Staff
Intern, Summer
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Summer Staff
Work Crew
Adult Volunteer
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Your RockRidge Canyon Story
Something incredible happened in your life as a result of being there. You know your story. Maybe… You met God at RockRidge Canyon. He drew you to work there. He changed your friend's life. Stories are important to help and encourage others. They are valuable to preserve. We want to honour God by capturing these great stories and sharing them.
Write the highlights of your story here.
Are you willing to share your story with others?
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ReKindle Anniversary Weekend
Opportunity to purchase a commemorative t-shirt, group photos, draws for Ridge Trading Co. merch, live band, campfires, coffee houses, great entertainment, chill unstructured weekend time.
Expression of Interest in ReKindle Anniversary Weekend *
Please let us know your level of interest in the following:
We'd love to hear any thoughts, questions, concerns, etc.
Thanks so much for completing this form!
We will be updating our records and we hope to see you in November!
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