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Community Advocacy and Healing Project (CAHP) is a 501 c(3) that believes the heart of communities are its people. Seeking to improve the quality of life of people ostracized, oppressed, and working within systems. People are the heart beat of all communities, whether or not systemically created.

CAHP seeks to engage people in a culturally proficient and trauma focused advocacy, healing, and community restoring experiences. Through mindfully aiding in the creation of policy, healing opportunities, and community restoration, for (1) systemically ostracized and oppressed people; (2) people working within the system; and (3) those vicariously affected by either or both.

CAHP engages people in learning and creating policy, discovering various tools to assist them on their healing journey, and access to necessary culturally proficient, trauma focused, and human centered supplies and resources.


1. Access to culturally mindful and healing-centered services and resources for people systemically ostracized and oppressed. (people of the global majority, rainbow pride,

2. Healing experiences for the community, in the heart of the community, with and by community members.

3. Restoration of communities through human centered, culturally proficient, and trauma focused resources and supplies.

We are seeking beautiful beings willing to root themselves in human centered experiences and advocacy. Volunteers are asked to commit a minimum of three to six months to CAHP, assist with at least three experiences, and attend monthly experiences. We ask volunteers be willing to volunteer at least 15 hours a month. Volunteers are invited to become familiar with CAHP human centered language and experience norms.
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