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Registration for the Riga TechGirls mentorship program 2022!

Program will start in January, 2022

🚀The Riga TechGirls mentorship program is based on a voluntary principle and aims to provide support and help to develop skills for women who work in the field of technology or have just started it.

🎯What will you gain as a Mentor?

- The framework and supportive environment for mentoring

- Opportunity to widen your network by meeting other local and international mentors

- Chance to learn something new and boost your own skills at our events

- Opportunity to practice your mentoring skills

👀What are we looking for in a mentor?

- Maintaining contact with the mentee or the group at least once a month and additionally spend 3-4 hours a month participating in program activities

- Get involved and help the mentee to set goals and enabling tasks for 6 months

- Provide open communication and useful feedback

- Empathy and attentiveness to the mentee’s needs and situation

- Belief in workplace diversity;

- Provide further recommendations at the end of the program

- At least 3 years of experience as a senior professional or manager

- Mentoring experience is not mandatory

😍The mentorship program is provided in collaboration with Women Go Tech and with support from Google.org, TET, Cognizant, Rimi and Prezi/Infogram.

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