Application - Soxster Gangbang Bottom
Andrew Soxster ( hosts a monthly gangbang in Melbourne, Australia. This document tells you a bit more about the kind of gangbang bottom boys we are after and how to apply.

Unfortunately, only a small number of people who apply will get the opportunity to be the bottom boy at a Soxster gangbang. But we would really like to encourage people to create their own groups. It does require organization but it’s a lot of fun. For all those hungry bottoms out there, please consider creating your own (and then post the photos!).

If you aren’t accepted to be a Soxster Gangbang bottom, please don’t feel bad. In fact you should be proud for even considering applying. If this is something you really want to happen, then you can do it by creating your own event :)
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Are you 18 or older? While the age of consent in Victoria is 16 we want to film the sessions and therefore require boys to be 18 or older.
Do you live in Melbourne, Australia? If not, do you have a visit planned?
Are you on PREP? We will not consider bottoms who are not on an ongoing dose of PREP. Bottoms who have been undetectable for an extended period and recently tested are also eligible.
Are you prepared to be fucked by a wide range of tops of different ages and body types? Tops at the party generally range from 18 to 40s.
Do you speak English? Good communication between the bottoms and tops is essential and we need people who are highly proficient in English.
Are you prepared to be photographed and filmed and have the footage posted online? We will consider people who wear a facial mask but would prefer full face visible. Expect the photos and footage to stay online forever.
Do you really like sucking cock and being fucked? I know it sounds obvious but this isn’t for beginners. You need to have experience. You need to be able to take a long, sustained fucking from 12-15 guys.
Do you have photos of yourself online already? It’s reassuring for us to know that you’ve already posted naked pics of yourself online as it shows you know what you are signing up for.
Do you love cum? There is a lot of cum at the gangbang and it will end up everywhere, including in your ass and mouth. Have a think about the largest number of loads you’ve taken in a session.
Are you kink positive? We prefer people who enjoy kinks and like being around people who are kinky.
Can you moan and beg for more? We are not after boys with rape fantasies or who will just lie there and take it. We want boys who are verbal and are prepared to moan loud and beg for more. You need to be encouraging the tops to fuck you harder and beg for their loads. Do not apply if you can’t do this. Enthusiasm is essential.
Can you do this without drugs? You need to turn up and not be on any drugs or intoxicated. A drink or two before it starts is fine - and you can have as many poppers as you want - but nothing else.
Can you take a bit of pain? After three hours of fucking it’s going to get painful - and that’s when you need to really step up and keep going. It’s not going to be comfortable by the end.
Are you nice? This is critical. We want people who are nice, polite and well mannered. Afterwards we want you to be social and friendly and get to know the group as you recover from a night you’ll remember for the rest of your life.
Are you fully aware of what lubes you prefer? Tops are allowed to wear condoms if they wish, so water based or silicone based lube is preferred.
Can you avoid wearing scents? We don’t want boys covered in deodorant or colognes. Freshly showered and douched is our preference.
Have you ever been fisted, taken large toys or been double penetrated? We prefer boys who have proven holes - bonus points if you have done these. The tops love to DP boys.
Do you take care of your sexual health? We want this to be a safe space and everyone have respect for each other. There are health risks associated with group sex but we are after people who are regularly tested. You should be aware of the risks of contracting an STI in a gangbang - this is a risk you are accepting by participating.
What are your limits either hard or soft with regards to being our gangbang bottom boy? For example, guys larger than X inches need to work up to full intensity. Everyone has limits and we need to know yours before we play to help make this as safe and fun for you as possible.
Do you want to bring someone with you? Some bottoms want to bring a partner, master, handler, fuck buddy or friend. If you do, can you tell us a little more about them and your dynamic. For example, would you prefer they be the first and last to fuck you.
Because we are after boys who are open and exhibitionistic there is no need to send photos or videos (but you can if you want). It’s best to send links to videos or photos of yourself already online (your Twitter, Xtube, Recon, etc).
We wish we could fuck everyone who applies but there’s only so many liters of cum we have available. Good luck and thank you for applying.
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