Ile Orunmila Afedefeyo Membership Application
Ile Orunmila Afedefeyo is an Ifa spiritual community that speaks to the spiritual elevation of all human beings. We use Ifa’s sacred wisdom to guide us towards spiritual enlightenment and good character. We aim to spiritually empower our practitioners as a means to uplift members of our community, locally and globally.

We are Constantly cultivating a respectful relationship between God, Nature, and Human beings. Our goal is to assist people on their journey of staying in alignment with their destinies.
We appreciate and welcome you to our community, we thrive as an ile when we come together as one. This information will allow us to get to know you better, which is very important to us.
Thank you in advance for officially joining our ile, please fill out the form below. All information filled out on this form will remain private with the exception of the "ile white pages" section should you chose to participate in that. One form should be filled out per adult (18 or older) in a family so we can learn more about you as an individual. If you are a parent filling out the form, only one parent needs to include details about your children.
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Check here if you are an adult child 18-21
This only applies to those adults 18-21 who are under a "family plan". Your information is important to us so please fill out everything below so we know all about you. Under "family member names" please list your parents names.
Family member names (in your household)
Please list the names, ages, and each persons relationship to you.
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What is your profession(s) and title(s)?
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What is your gift(s)?
Any gifts you can offer to the Ile administration or the greater community. Example: grant writing, murals, carpentry, baking
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What are your child/children's gift(s)?
Your children are an important part of our community, please tell us about their gifts as well. (Please list information about your non-adult children)
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Are you part of an organization(s) or coalition(s)?
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Are you interested in receiving...
From Baba, I have received...
I have been practicing Ifa for...
How did you become involved with Ile Orunmila Afedefeyo?
We would love to know how you came to be a part of our ile, please share your story with us.
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Ile dues payment *
Please check the membership option that applies to you. Ile dues will be charged once you sign up online at Membership come's with one white book, and one eleke, each additional eleke will cost $50. Youth eleke's are available for $25.
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