Utah Associate Educator License Application
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If you are applying for Career & Technical Education (CTE) endorsement areas, please write-in which CTE endorsement(s) you are pursuing in the "Other" option at the bottom of this question. You must complete ALL appropriate applications found on the CTE Website: https://www.schools.utah.gov/cte/educatorendorsements
PLEASE NOTE: If you lack significant studies and/or experience in selected content area(s), you may be required to demonstrate additional competencies in the content area before receiving your license.
Official Transcripts
Be sure you follow the official transcript submission policy at https://schools.utah.gov/curr/licensing/additionalprocesses?mid=2469&aid=6
From which universities have you requested electronic transcript delivery to USBE?
From which universities have you requested original paper-based transcripts be delivered to USBE?
Has your USBE background check cleared?
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NOTE: USBE will send an e-mail notification confirming the submission of your application.  A second e-mail notification will be sent upon approval of an Associate Educator License. Processing is taking approximately 3-4 weeks.
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