Parent Workshops: Supporting Student Success
Grant Wood AEA and Liberty High School are collaborating to bring parents a series of free workshops about executive functioning skills. The three sessions are listed below. Please select which event(s) you'd like to attend.
An Introduction to Executive Function Skills: A look into the teenage mind!
Success in school and jobs is highly dependent upon well-developed executive functioning skills. The mastery of skills such as goal setting, planning, organizing, task initiating, sustaining attention, shifting flexibly, working memory, inhibiting impulses and self-monitoring provides a path for improving academic performance and vocational success. Thankfully these cognitive skills can be developed with practice, and generalized to many aspects of life. This workshop will not only increase your understanding of EF skills, but also how they relate to the daily life of your son or daughter.

October 15th
Liberty High School

Strategies for Homework: It doesn’t have to be a battlefield!
Today’s teenagers have approximately 17 hours of homework each week! Homework can be a source of frustration or anxiety for some teens for a variety of reasons. It takes different executive function skills working together to make engaging in homework possible, such as planning, prioritizing, initiation, time estimation, flexibility, self-monitoring, goal directed persistence and sustaining attention. This workshop will introduce you to strategies to support your son or daughter in utilizing the strategies and skills necessary to engage in and manage homework successfully.

November 19th
Liberty High School

Strategies for Independence: Shifting the responsibility from you to your child
Are you constantly reminding your son or daughter of upcoming appointments? Do they forget books or assignments they need to bring to school? Do you feel like you are supporting them through every step needed to get out the door and start the day? Executive function skills play an important role in living a more independent life. Skills, such as planning, emotional regulation, sustained attention, organization, working memory, metacognition and time management, are vital in gaining more independence. This workshop will introduce you to strategies to support your son or daughter in being more independent in their daily routines and managing their schedule.

December 10th
Liberty High School

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