West Village Academy 2020/2021 Parent Online/Hybrid Learning Survey
West Village Academy’s purpose during these times of uncertainty is to continue to do what’s best for our staff, students, and all stakeholders.

West Village Academy is planning to provide full online/virtual learning at least until September 30, 2020. After September 30, 2020 if the state of Michigan is still in Phase 4 for the Covid-19 Pandemic, parents will have the opportunity to choose a hybrid learning experience or stay fully online.

--Online/Virtual Learning will also include face-to-face instruction with students via video conferencing on
a weekly basis. Coursework activities that would be traditionally provided in-person will be given to
students and parents online. A designated schedule for face-to-face instruction, as well as coursework
will be provided with deadlines. Assessments will also be assigned for completion virtually. “Virtual” and
online will be interchanged.
--Hybrid learning will mean students will come to the building for in-person learning once a week for four
hours to receive support and instruction on their learning cycle. Hybrid learning will also include face-to
-face instruction with students via video conferencing on a weekly basis.

The following academic learning protocols will occur whether the academy is online or in-person (Hybrid):

Flipped Classroom: Process of instruction that requires students to be exposed to the objective and lessons prior to official direct instruction from the teacher.

Learning Cycles: The time frame in which a particular set of lessons will be given at a particular time during the week in the Flipped Classroom schedule.

Cycle 1 - View video lesson; review “look fors” outline prior to watching the video, complete comprehension questions or academic vocabulary

Cycle 2 - Discuss video, comprehension questions and academic vocabulary; complete pre-assessment

Cycle 3 - Complete guided practice in person or during video conferencing. This cycle will be completed in small groups online if working virtually. Students will be meeting in small groups once a week if we are in a hybrid format. Times to be determined.

Cycle 4 - Completion of independent work that ties to the guided work. Practice exercises vary based on the subject area.

Cycle 5 - Assessment given and taken.

Cycle 6 - Review student progress through PLC conversations with the principal. It also falls under the communication with parents and teachers as students progress through each cycle. Parents will be required to review student progress and sign off at completion.

Below are links to the Michigan's 2020/2021 Return to School Roadmap and MI Safe Start Plan:

Michigan's Return to School Roadmap: https://www.michigan.gov/documents/whitmer/MI_Safe_Schools_Roadmap_FINAL_695392_7.pdf

MI Safe Start Plan:
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Please answer the three questions below pertaining to West Village Academy's 2020/2021 School Year.
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After September 30, 2020, If the state of Michigan is still in phase 4 for the Covid-19 Pandemic, would you like to be fully online or hybrid?
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