14th (?) cluex.org mashup tournament: TDM 2vs2 & DM 1vs1
This form is made to show your interest in possible another tournament coming from cluex.org. This time, we want to make a mashup tournament, where you firstly play one TDM 2vs2 match, followed by two duels matches.

For example, team 1 is made of players A and B. Team 2 is made of players C and D. These two teams play firstly a TDM 2vs2 map. Then, it's duel time. Player A plays for example Player C, while Player B plays Player D. The team that gets most wins (possible results: 3-0, 2-1), simply finishes the match as a winner.

To be able to host that tournament, we would need at least 32 teams made of at least 2 players. We are ofering a prize-poll of around $500 for this tournament. Feel free to spread the word and fill this form. Thank you!

Currently signed up teams: 10; players: 24
1) ShX & skl
2) Cold-M & Las9 & Roy
3) aljAs & prohadt & warpig
4) Amp & DM5 & vamp
5) ACo & ziLL
6) m1No & Pablito & xOunz
7) Rasty & sunra1s3R
8) Sama & shaiks
9) Matt & Pastel
10) uogcubdacc & uogcubdukk

Have no team (6): doN, Mat, meLL, Rocky, speed, «Sqúígz»
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Please give us an e-mail adress and possibly, your Facebook account link, so we can stay in touch. Also, liking cluex.org profile (https://facebook.com/cluexUT2004/) would be appreciated, since all the updates will be published over there.
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