West Allis-West Milwaukee Prelude Strings Registration 2020-2021
Dear Parents and Guardians,
Welcome back to school! This year your child is eligible to participate in the WAWM Prelude Strings Program. Students in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd grade may sign-up for violin or cello. Weekly lessons and rehearsals are given at school (or virtually) at no cost to you. Here is some information about this fantastic opportunity.

Prelude Program General Information:
The Prelude Program uses the Suzuki Method, which is a world renowned method started by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki in Japan that incorporates the use of smaller sized instruments, listening to recordings, and parent-supervised practice at home. Dr. Suzuki believed that musical talent and abilities can be learned by all children. They are developed through training and exposure to musical activities. One of the most important developments in the Suzuki method is the interaction of parents with their children in the learning process. This includes attending lessons and group practices, and making time for practice at home. Numerous studies have shown that playing a musical instrument increases the productivity of a child in other areas of learning, such as math, reading, writing, languages, as well as history and the sciences. It also encourages your child to set goals for him/herself and to be a team player.

Prelude Strings Program:
# Membership in Prelude Strings is for the school year.
# Attendance at weekly lessons
# Homework
~ Child practices with parent for 15 minutes per day, 5 days a week
~ Child listens to Suzuki CD everyday, so that he/she is familiar with the Suzuki songs
# Performance at school concerts (when it is safe to do so)

Prelude Materials Required (prices may vary):
# Instrument:
~ Students are encouraged to rent their own instrument.
~ Music stores will size students for their instrument.
~ Area music stores are linked here: https://rb.gy/a0tj3q
# Suzuki Book & CD (Purchase at a local music store.)
# Additional Supplies:
~ Rosin
~ A small cloth from home or from a music store for maintaining the instrument.
~ Shoulder rest (or sponge provided by teacher) – violin students.
~ Rock-stop - cello students.
# Lessons will begin the week of September 21st for all orchestra students.
~ Lesson schedules and any virtual meeting links will be emailed out to parents/guardians.
~ Spiral Notebook needed for parent to take notes and write down assignments.

Your Prelude Strings Teacher is:
Miss Erin Griffin: Madison, Franklin, Mitchell, Wilson
Ms. Cathy Kolb: Hoover, Longfellow
Ms. Kelly Schultz: Horace Mann, Jefferson, Pershing, Walker
Mrs. Casey Unger: Irving
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