Yuma Arts and Culture Survey
This survey is about the arts. By “the arts,” we mean a wide range of creative and artistic pursuits such as visiting a museum, attending a play or festival, as well as participating personally in general arts practices and arts education. Results will be of this survey will be used by the Arizona Creative Communities Institute Team Yuma for better presenting arts and culture programs to the community. Survey questions are in direct response to a State and National Survey conducted by the Americans for the Arts in November 2018.
Do you live in Yuma County, Arizona? *
Thinking about "the arts," have you visited or attended any of the following in the past year? (check all that apply) *
Are you personally involved in any artistic activities such as ceramics, painting, quilting, sewing circles, acting, writing poetry, dancing, or singing in a choir (either at home or in the community)? Check all that apply.
The arts give me pure pleasure when I experience or participate in them.
The arts help me understand other cultures better.
The arts unify us, regardless of age, race, and ethnicity.
I have changed an opinion or perception based on an arts experience.
To what extent do you agree or disagree that the arts are part of a well‐rounded education for students in grades Kindergarten through 12th (K‐12)?
My job requires me to be creative—either individually or as part of a team—and come up with ideas that are new or unique.
Did you know access to arts or music education for students between grades K-8 is required by Arizona State Law?
The arts attract travelers and are good for tourism.
The arts make me a more creative person.
The arts have a social impact, improving the quality and livability of my community.
The arts industry is good for the economy and supports jobs.
My community offers me an adequate amount of arts and cultural opportunities in which to participate.
Where would you like to see a mural installed in Yuma County? Please provide specific location or address if possible.
Your answer
The more creative and innovative I am at my job—individually or as part of a team—the more successful I am in the workplace.
Do you approve or disapprove the funding of nonprofit arts organizations when provided by the following: National Endowment of the Arts
Do you approve or disapprove the funding of nonprofit arts organizations when provided by the following: State Government
Do you approve or disapprove the funding of nonprofit arts organizations when provided by the following: Local Government
The federal government spends 45 cents per person on nonprofit arts organizations in the U.S. (such as museums, theaters, and community arts centers) per year. In your opinion, is this...
Would you approve or disapprove of the federal government increasing spending from 45 cents to $1 per person, per year on nonprofit arts organizations?
All else being equal, would you vote for or against a political candidate who wanted to increase federal spending on nonprofit arts organizations from 45 cents per person to $1 per person?
The federal government recently proposed a federal budget that would eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts and other federal agencies that fund the arts, culture, museums, and public broadcasting. Do you approve or disapprove the government eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts agency and other similar agencies?
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