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The Fife-Penn CS Academy is a program hosted by the University of Pennsylvania. We offer after-school and virtual online coding clubs to students in grades K-8. Please fill in this form if you want coding clubs for students at your school. We offer Scratch and Python curricula. The coding clubs are instructed by Penn students. If your application is successful, we will contact you and email you another form that your students can use to register to participate in a coding club.
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6. Would you serve as your school's contact for the coding clubs? If yes, go to question 9.
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11. Coding Clubs are offered for K-2nd grades, 3rd-5th grades and 6th-8th grades. Which grades would you like to offer coding club instruction? Check all that apply. *
12. Does your school teaching programming or coding in any of these grades? *
12. If your answer to the previous question was yes, to which grades do you teach programming/coding? Check all that apply.
13. If you answered the previous question, what programming and computing concepts are taught at your school? In the last checkbox, specify to which grades are taught this.
13. Please share any other information that you think might help us design coding clubs for your students.
14. Would you be willing to advertise our program to your students? (We will send you digital and printable flyers) *
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