GARD Lab RA Application Form
If you are interested in applying to work in the Gard Lab, please fill out the following form. You can read more about the Gard Lab at
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What year are you in UG or other?
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What is your major and GPA?
Why are you interested in the GARD Lab?
What research experience do you have? It's ok if you do not have much experience - we just want to get a sense where you are starting from.
Do you have any experience working with local non-profit organizations or volunteer experience? If yes, please describe
What skills are you primarily hoping to gain while in the lab?
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What skills are you secondarily hoping to gain while in the lab (i.e., second priority)?
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How many hours per week can you work in the lab?
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Can you work in the lab on the weekends (mostly data collection roles; at most 1-2x/month)?
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Have you taken a class with Dr. Gard?
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The GARD Lab does not support volunteer RA positions. RAs participate in research either through PSYC 479 or hourly pay, with hourly pay available after 1-2 semesters of research experience (in general, though exceptions are possible). Are you able to do research through PSYC 479?
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Are you able to commit to 2 semesters or more of working in the lab?
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Can you work in the lab during the summer?
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Is there anything else you would like us to know?
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