Seeking Accommodations in the Workplace: Religious, Health and Family Guidelines for Employees and Employers
Chaim Book, Partner at Moskowitz & Book, LLP, - practices in the area of employment law, where he represents employees and employers. He has negotiated employment agreements, severance packages and employment disputes. Chaim has had success for the firm’s clients in litigation, arbitration and mediation regarding employment discrimination and harassment. The types of cases Chaim has worked on include (i) gender, race, age, religious, disability, and national origin discrimination; (ii) sexual harassment; (iii) breaches of covenants not to compete and confidentiality clauses; and (iv) wages and hours disputes. Chaim regularly counsels clients regarding compliance with federal, state and local labor and employment laws, as well as with employment agreements and severance agreements and will often be involved in the negotiating process as well.

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Date: Wednesday - June 14th
Place: Congregation Rinat Yisrael - 389 W Englewood Ave, Teaneck, NJ 07666
Time: 7:00PM

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