Whole Tale Initial Survey
Hi!  Thanks for taking the time to take this survey.

It's 10 questions about how you do research. We're checking our working assumptions to ensure that we meet researchers where they are.

We've made this survey as short as possible, and as free-form as possible.  Any information you can provide would be useful, and we hope you don't see the big open blank spaces as a burden (they are optional), but instead as an opportunity to be as technical, as terse, or as long-winded as you'd like.

The responses you provide will not be published without your express permission acquired at a later date, but *will* be shared among the Whole Tale team (development and management).
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Do you generally work from a specific dataset, or do you expect to discover new data for your research?
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Any comments about working from or discovering data?
Are you more likely to browse for data or methods/code when doing your research?
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Can the data you would use in your research be imported from one of:
Are the data you would use in your research simple files or more complicated bundles (e.g. relational databases or zip files) accessed from external sources (e.g., SQL databases, web services, etc.)?
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Any comments about the bundling of data and/or external resources?
Does one of these two descriptions accurately reflect how you would use data for your research?
Are you able to specify your compute needs at the start of each research project?
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In your research workflow would you access compute resources using one of the following?
Do you use one of Jupyter, RStudio or the Command Line to carry out research?
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Any comments about how you carry out research?
Are your sharing and collaboration needs satisfied with item-level sharing, for example by group and individual, and controlling read/write permissions?
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Any comments about sharing and collaboration?
When you create public products of your research (data united with methods and article/paper), possibly at the conclusion or publication point of a project, are you comfortable with other users extracting data and other artifacts from your publication for use in their own project?
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Any comments about public research products and data / artifact reuse?
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