SNLP - 2018/2019 Partnership Program Interest Form
Sadie Nash Partnership Program is expanding in 2018-2019 and we're thrilled to bring our award-winning programming to new communities and schools on a sliding scale or FREE (we have limited free programming slots)!

We are selecting new sites right now! To qualify for a free leadership class, sites must:

- Be based in one of the 5 boroughs of NYC
- Serve low-income young women/gender-expansive youth
- Be committed to enrolling at least fifteen young women/gender-expansive youth ages 14-22 in the class
- Allow the class to be offered either after school or on Saturdays
- Enable the class to run for at least an hour per session, for at least 10 sessions
- Provide a regular, safe, venue in which to hold the class

Due to our limited capacity, we cannot guarantee that all sites will be selected - but ALL sites will be seriously considered. *We will respond to all applications*

We are eager to get started as soon as possible

Questions? Contact Christina Jean-Louis Partnership Coordinator at Sadie Nash -

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