UMaine Business Challenge 2019
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This is a general information form required by each team or individual participating in the Executive Summary stage. If you have any questions, please contact:

Primary Contact Information
Please provide the contact information for the primary team member (i.e. a "team leader") if your entry will involve more than one individual. This is the contact info we will be using to provide updates about the challenge!
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Note: If team members are from multiple schools, please select the college/university for the primary team member listed above.
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Team Members
Please use the following questions to list information about your team. If you are competing as an individual, please fill out the any applicable questions as well (i.e. Academic Year and Major)
Have you or any of your teammates participated in the UMaine Business Challenge before? *
Team Members
Please list the names of all team members.
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College or University
If team members come from different schools, please list them here!
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Major/Master's Degree *
Please list the academic degrees associated with each team member.
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Please list the academic year of each team member participating.
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Please list the names of the hometowns of each team member.
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Questions/Other (Optional):
Please use this space to voice any questions/notes/concerns.
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Thank you for filling out this form! You will be receiving updates about the challenge throughout the Executive Summary stage. Keep an eye on your inbox, and if you have any questions at all, please contact:

Best of luck in the competition!

-The UBC Team

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