Jewish Men's Retreat - financial assistance
JMR 25 will be held at Isabella Freedman Jewish Retreat Center in CT, Nov 11-13 2016. Over the years participants have donated money to support men who can't afford the full price of the retreat.
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1. The basic cost for attending the Jewish Men’s Retreat (JMR) is $350, but some scholarship funds have been set aside to help men who cannot pay the full amount. How much can you afford to pay? *
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2. Please provide give a brief statement of your current life circumstances that prevent you from paying the full amount? (we do not ask for a legal statement of any sort) *
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3. Are you in a position to ask an individual or entity to sponsor your attendance and cover the difference between what you can afford and the full cost? If yes, we will be willing to provide a letter on your behalf about the potential benefits of the program to you and your community. *
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Jewish Men's Retreat,
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