Student Survey
Student Survey 2019
Woodland Hills Student Survey
What is your current grade? *
What grade were you in when you began to attend school within the Woodland Hills School District? *
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I am safe at school
I have friends in school
I have a range of classes to choose from that interest me
The curriculum is both interesting and challenging
The curriculum is reflective of who I am
My classrooms are free from distractions during instruction
I am provided with a healthy breakfast and lunch
I have access to technology in school
I am aware of activities that are available to me and how to get involved
I am involved in at least one extra-curricular activity
I am treated with respect
My teachers provide me with assistance when I need it
I can talk to my:
I am treated with respect
I know where to go when I need help *
If feel there is a need for:
What is your race?
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