SSir Online School - 2022 Student Application Form
SSir Online School CC (Reg. Nr: 2002/011112/23) Member : AG. Lamont

The POPI Act is born in mind with all data collected.
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About this Application form for studying with SSir Online School CC
This form must be completed by the parent or legal guardian of the student or minor being enrolled for a course with SSir Online School. It may not be completed by the student (minor).

Terminology and Definitions
Hereafter the shorter definitions will be used instead of the longer explanation in this document.

The Examination Body: That body with whom the student registers to write the NSC exam - typically the IEB, DBE or SAKAI.
The Student: The minor applying to be registered for a course with SSir Online School.
Parent : The parent or legal guardian of the student completing this form
SSir : SSir Online School CC
PRA: Person Responsible for the Account.
Liaison Teacher : The teacher designated by the school to act as intermediary between SSir and the School.
The School: The academic institution through which the student studies all other subjects and which will enroll the student for the grade 12 Senior Certificate Exam. This is most often the brick and mortar school which the student attends physically every day.
The Course: The course provided by SSir for which The Student is applying to be enrolled.
This Application form when completed and submitted and followed up by a deposit of 25% of the fee constitutes a legal Agreement between SSir Online School CC, the Parent and the Student.

This agreement confirms in particular that SSir Online School may process the data of the student as set out herein, and that SSir Online School staff may deal directly with the student, primarily through its learning management system accessed at; It is agreed that SSir Online School is contracted to provide online instruction and assessment in the Course to the Student from date of invoice until the end of the academic year 2022.

The Parent acts on behalf of the minor and concludes this agreement on the student's behalf. It is a requirement that the Student assents to this agreement by logging in and making use of the Course.
The Parent herewith confirm that the student is competent to
1. assent to this agreement;
2. interact with SSir Online School Tutors directly on its learning management system.

The Parent accepts that this agreement constitute prior consent in terms of section 35(1) of POPIA to SSir Online School to process personal information relating to the Student. The Student, being competent, assents and agrees to this.
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