COVID-19 Community Info Needs Phone Tree
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Strong relationships between newsrooms and their communities are key for building safe, thriving, powerful communities, where everyone’s information needs are met and where solutions and community response to complex community issues are uplifted.

As more people move to digital spaces due to the coronavirus, it’s important that those without internet access and/or those who are less digitally savvy are not left behind.

This phone tree is an attempt at ensuring those most vulnerable in our communities are included in conversations and have the information they need.

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1) Call 5 people you know in your city or town who wouldn’t be on a video/digital call and/or do not have internet access. Ask them:
- What information do you need/questions do you have to stay safe and healthy in your community right now?
- What is happening in your community that shows resiliency/solutions/support?
- Is it okay if we share your contact information with a journalist?

2) For each person you contact, fill out this form and click submit. If you contact 5 people you'll hit "submit" five times.

The News Voices team will compile responses, share them with newsroom partners, and support them to address information gaps identified by community members.
In what city/town and state do you live?
What information do you need? Or what questions do you have to stay safe and healthy in your community right now?
What’s happening in your community that shows resilience/solutions/support?
In order for someone to follow up with you, is it okay to share your contact info with:
IF YES to any: Contact information (name + phone number)
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