NEW CDM Club Registration Form 2017-2018
Please follow the instructions below in order to register your organization within the CDM club.
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Governing Structure: *
Please give first and last names, class year, and UNIs of the President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer for this school year.
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Club Interest: *
Please give first and last names/Year/UNIs for all who have showed interest in becoming active members of your organization. All names are subject to verification.
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Faculty Support: *
Please list all faculty members who will oversee your club. By listing their name, you are indicating that they will verify all of your club's activities (including looking over lecture slides to assure they are both ethically sound and within the CDM academic philosophy).
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Mission Statement: *
Why should your organization be a part of the CDM club? How will your club contribute to Columbia University College of Dental Medicine? What does your organization provide to the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine?
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Constitution and Membership Guidelines: *
Please provide a constitution by which you will govern members of this organization. This should include what membership criteria is and any associated dues, as well as the governing structure (EBoard and Committees, if applicable). If you will be participating in the two-tier FairPay system for annual membership dues, please indicate your pricing as well!
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Budget: *
Please provide a basic proposed budget for the upcoming academic year, along with MINIMUM of TWO itemized event/activity dates per semester.
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I understand that this proposal does not guarantee that my organization will be recognized, as it must be evaluated by the CDM Club Cabinet as well as the Student Government Association. *
* Not all activities warrant club status; sometimes the program can operate within an existing club instead of being an individual entity.
I also Understand that by submitting this proposal, I agree to be bound by the rules and requirements of the CDM Club or else risk suspension/probation. *
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