Online Winter University of Atlantia Session 106 Follow-up Survey
Please share your thoughts, feedback, and ideas about the online session of the University of Atlantia held on Saturday, February 13.

University of Atlantia Session 106 Course Catalogue:

Responses will be reviewed by the University of Atlantia Staff, but will not be shared with instructors unless we are asked to do so. Thank you for your input and we look forward to reviewing and possibly implementing your suggestions for future sessions. Our next virtual session will be Saturday, June 12. We hope you will make plans to join us.
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How did you hear about this online session of the University of Atlantia? *
If you found out about it on Facebook, was there a specific group or page where you saw it announced?
Could you easily find the information you needed to teach / attend this session of University? *
How did you feel about the online University setting as a whole? *
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Did you read / use the FAQ document?
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If yes, did you find it useful? Was there anything missing from it?
How was your online registration experience?
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If you were a student, how was your overall experience?
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If you were an instructor, how was your overall experience?
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Did you make use of the University staffed online lobby and / or tech support room(s)?
If so, is there anything you wish to share about your experience?
Which meeting platform(s) were your classes offered in?
If you used multiple platforms, did you prefer one over the others?
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Why is it your preferred platform?
What worked and / or didn't work with the platforms you used?
What classes were your favorite? Why?
Which classes did not meet your expectations? Why?
Were there any subjects you are interested in that were not offered? Or, a class you want to be taught by a specific instructor or group of instructors?
Did you receive instructions to and were you able to mark yourself attended easily?
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What did you like / not like about this session?
What suggestions for improvement can you give us for a future online session and / or for the University website?
Please share any additional comments you care to make about University - for this session and for future sessions:
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