The Imam Maajid Faheem 'Ali Leadership in Service Scholarship


Application Materials
Applicants must submit a complete application package to receive consideration for the award. The application package is this application form*, which includes:
-- Essay Question
-- Transcript
-- 2 Letters of Recommendation (1 letter should be from a Masjid representative or Masjid community member who is NOT an immediate family member)
-- Résumé (should include documentation of leadership in service)

*Please note that ALL documents will be uploaded to this electronic application form. Complete and save all of the aforementioned documents as a .pdf file on your computer FIRST, then upload them using the proper link.

Essay Question
Leadership comes in many forms. Not only does it mean holding a position of authority (e.g., president, captain of a team, or chairman of a group, etc.), it also relates to leadership in following. Leadership is also serving others in your Masjid, community, school and/or neighborhood. This, combined with the pursuit of education, is the type of leadership Imam Maajid Faheem 'Ali exemplified.

Write a response to ONE of the following essay questions. The IMFALSS essay should be at least 300 words, but no more than 500 words. Any submissions outside of these parameters will not be considered.

1. How do you define leadership in service? Describe your journey to becoming a leader, and your contributions as a leader, in serving your local Masjid, community, school, club, team, organization, etc.? What was the impact of your leadership in service?

2. In what ways have you exemplified leadership through service to your community (local Masjid, community, school, etc.). Describe a project, program, or initiative you've developed or lead. What was the outcome? How do you plan to continue or advance any efforts in which you have lead and/or participated?

Submit this form, including all application materials listed above, electronically by 11:59 PM on April 30, 2021.

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