Date : July 8 -12, 2017
Venue : Druk Ralung Shedrupcholing Monastery, Kabisa, Thimphu
Organizer : Geykuel Drukdra
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FREE REGISTRATION is available only for CPA Members and Students. For other individuals, please choose "OTHERS" and fill up 2(ii).
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Registration fee will cover : All meals, Accommodation, Mandala offering, Ganachakra Tshog offerings and Butter lamp offerings.The above fee will also enable us to offer free opportunities to more students and CPA Members
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1. Kindly use appropriate language and behavior at all times in keeping with Dharma practice.

2. All participants, regardless of legal drinking age (21), will refrain from drinking. The purchase, possession, or consumption of beer, wine, or other alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs including tobacco and smoking by any individual will not be tolerated. Failure to comply will result in immediate dismissal from the retreat/ conference.

3. Name badges must be worn at all times; contact the Retreat Head for replacing lost badges.

4. Participants won't be allowed to change rooms once assigned. Should any problems arise, please see the Retreat Head.

5. Every facility is SMOKE-FREE ZONE. There will be no smoking permitted in any room or any public space. Failure to comply result in dismissal.

6. All sessions will begin on time. Please respect the teachers and presenters and be on time for every activity.

7. Please try and take the vow of silence during this retreat as much as possible, and also not to disturb others.

8. Remember that no objects or liquids may be thrown from the balconies or windows of the retreat center. Such behavior will have you removed from the retreat.

9. No weapon of any kind may be possessed by a retreat participant.

10. All participants are not to associate with members of the opposite sex
in their rooms during the whole period of the retreat. Anyone found doing so will be immediately removed from the vicinity.

11. All participants are to clean their own rooms during the whole period of the retreat.

12. All participants are responsible to keep the common toilets clean

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