M - Meiling Blogger Review Request

MEILING Couture SL are capsule seasonal collections of 16 - 25 outfits from RL. We are are now releasing the collections in similar format to our RL and give out a maximum of 10 review outfits a season to bloggers.
With this in mind, we have to be discerning and our policy is based on discussions with several bloggers and other designers.

1.MUST have been blogging for over 3 months with at least two posts per week or have 30 blog posts.

2. MUST be syndicated to the fashion feeds such as Iheartsl, Fashion Feeds of SL, Chic Critique, Shopaholic Feed, etc.

3. MUST create a direct hyper-linked SLURL to the MEILING Couture Store. We will send a Blogger Package which will have full perm logo and links to the websites and blogs.

4. MUST send us the URL link to their blog which we place in our blogroll.

5. MUST put MEILING Blog in their blogroll of designers http://vicariousfashionista.blogspot.com/

6. We also ask kindly that the bloggers follow the MEILING Blog by RSS feed.

7. We also kindly ask, if you have a group slot available for bloggers join the MEILING Couture Group to stay updated.

8. We expect that bloggers chosen exhibit exceptional taste by blogging high quality items which they present with high quality photographs and accurate information.


We wish to be fair to all those interested in participating and we will rotate requests in the order received. If you do not receive a review copy of the latest outfit, it means that the number of outfits we have shared with bloggers has been met. It may also mean that you did not meet the qualifications or did not fill out the form completely, as we have specified. If you are unsure, you may resubmit this form after the 1st of each month. If you receive a blogger package we will consider you on our list and you will not need to resubmit.

Thank you,


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