Consumed by the Internet — Understanding Digital Addiction
For our research, as well as our next meetup, we seek to foster an environment of vulnerability and openness, to understand and empathize with digital addiction — hopefully inspiring empowering solutions.

We ask you to share some of your most private experiences with us — these moments of being glued to the screen, of not being able to get up, of not doing the things you actually want to do. We don't know, and no one will ever know that this was your experience, unless you choose to step forward and talk about it.

By sharing this, you give us permission to use your answers — 100% anonymously — to share it at events, and online. We are deeply empathetic with your experience, and do this with the intention of helping all of us to find better ways of using technology, and life.

Thank you for your time, attention, and openness. 🙏
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Can you think of moments when you felt overwhelmed, unable to control yourself, and unable to stop consuming something on the internet? Please describe your experience, and how it impacted your life and well-being.
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