Camp Enchantment Staff Application-Application deadline 3/24/2014. Please Contact one of our camp directors for additional information.
Things to know about volunteering with Camp Enchantment New Mexico:
• We MUST have an email address for you. We communicate about camp business primarily by email. Once you send your application, please read your email at least once weekly to check for our messages.
• To be eligible to volunteer with us, you must complete the ENTIRE application and sign the last page.
• If selected, volunteers must attend a mandatory staff workshop on the third Saturday in May from 8:30A-3P.
• Staff and instructors must arrive at Manzano Mountain Retreat Friday May 26th by 5:00PM.
• Volunteers must arrive at camp for training and orientation before the campers’ arrival and stay until the final staff meeting on Saturday June 3rd; departure time will be discussed during interviews. For consistency and continuity in working with campers, we need you present for the entire session. We make exceptions ONLY for emergencies, such as medical problems or illness in the family.
• Volunteers are chosen based on their strengths, the campers’ needs, and past performance. We make hiring decisions carefully and do not guarantee anyone a spot at camp, whether you are new or returning.

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