SuperScale UA - New Partner Evaluation (GL)
Data Evaluation for Live Games
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To make the evaluation process as efficient and real-time as possible we propose to make use of Slack Shared Channels Beta feature* - please follow this guide to enable it
*applies only If you Slack internally
If you use Slack, please enter your Slack workspace URL ( e.g.
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If you use Slack, please enter your Slack admin email ( e.g.
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Do you have an attribution partner (MMP)? *
At this point we will ask for viewing access to your attribution platform. If you use AppsFlyer or Adjust or any other attribution platform please invite with read access - replace "nameofthestudio" with your company name.
***If you have an attribution partner
Were you able to add our account to your attribution platform? *
If you have run previous UA on Facebook for your app, we also ask the developer to share access to the ad account. You can do this by following our guide and using the BoomBit FB ID 204330110050369
Have you integrated the Facebook SDK for analytics and event tracking within the Facebook developer panel? *
In order for us to complete our data eval, we ask that developers share access to the app on Facebook. You can do this by going to -> Advanced Settings -> Authorized Businesses and then adding (BOOMBIT FB ID: 204330110050369) as an authorized business with 'Insights user' permissions. If you have not set up you iOS/Android app on Facebook, we will not be able to run UA on Facebook or complete our data eval.
This is so we can evaluate your past UA efforts and determine the viability of performing UA at scale. Since we assume the financial risk as the funder and manger of the UA spend, we only partner with clients we can be certain we provide a large added value too.
Were you able to give us Facebook access? *
To evaluate your ASO efforts and potential for optimization - we would need access to your Google Play Dev Console in case you have an Android version of your game. Please make sure we have "View Financial Data" permission as well to cross-check the revenues.
Please add us via this e-mail
To prepare an optimization strategy to improve performance of your UA creatives we would need to access your folder with UA/ASO/Marketing creative assets.
Please share the folder with creative assets like videos, banners etc. used for UA (both final and partial) with
Were you able to add us to Google Play Console? *
Now we will ask you for a few data points about your game/app
Have you run prior UA? *
If you are running UA, what is your average monthly UA spent (If yes to previous Q)
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T1 iOS Organic Downloads for last month *
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Does your game/app generate any ad revenue? *
What is the approximate split between iAP and AD revenue for your game
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Which T1 countries is your game live in right now? *
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T1 iOS Organic Revenue for last month (In-App Revenue and Ad Revenue separated if applicable) *
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T1 iOS Organic Day1 ARPU *
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T1 iOS Organic Day7 ARPU *
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US iOS Organic Day30 ARPU
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Past CPI for Tier1 Countries (if available)
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T1 iOS Organic Day1 Retention *
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T1 iOS Organic Day7 Retention *
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T1 iOS Organic Day30 Retention
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What do you use for your analytics? Are you happy with what you have or do you have needs in this area?
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Describe us your Live Ops capabilities
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Anything else you would like us to know?
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