Pet Intake Request Form
Please read the eligibility criteria prior to filling out this form. If you are not a resident of Guelph, are not on low income supports (domestic violence excepted), or require fostering longer than 4 months, you are automatically ineligible. Due to a high number of intake requests, we cannot reply in email to obvious requests that are ineligible.
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Type of pet and how many of each (i.e. 2 golden retriever dogs) *
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Sex of pet(s)
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Are they spayed/neutered? *
When did your pets last receive their annual vaccinations? Please provide the dates of last vaccinations. If you do not have the dates of vaccinations, please contact your vet clinic to obtain this information. *
Does your dog have the Bordetella Vaccination (kennel cough) within the past 12 months?
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What vet clinic does your pet normally go to? Please provide the name and phone number.
Does your pet(s) have any medical or behavioural issues? Has your pet ever bitten anyone? Do they have any allergies? Does your pet have any medical conditions? Are they on any medication? *
Does your pet(s) have separation anxiety? *
Can your pet(s) be around other cat and dogs? *
Are your pets safe to be around small children? *
is your pet crate trained?
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The maximum length of our program is six months. Do you currently have a plan on how you will reunite with your pet within six months of intake? If you do not have a plan in place, please describe the steps you will be taking in the next six months to reunite with your pet. *
Please list supplies that will be brought with the pet, if none please indicate. Please include the what kind of food your pet typically eats. Although we may not be able to provide the exact same food throughout your pet’s stay, we will keep their diet as close as possible to what they are used to.
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