SCSY XLI Assistant Secretary General Application
The Security Council Simulation at Yale (SCSY; pronounced "sexy") is looking for Yale students to help run Yale's only college model UN conference! Assistant Secretaries General (ASGs) spearhead, optimize and develop the crisis simulation
conference along with their Under Secretary-Generals (USGs). They facilitate committee activities, develop global affairs materials, communicate between committee directors and the Secretariat, handle funds, document the
entire conference, and keep the conference up and running alongside the people who have been working on it since last semester.
No Model UN experience is required, but this would be a great opportunity to learn about the Yale International Relations Association (YIRA) or even just develop business, technology, and/or event planning skills.

Each position is described below:

Assistant-Secretary-General (ASG) of Committees: Assists in planning committees, executes crises, and works directly with committee directors
Assistant-Secretary-General (ASG) of Operations: Assists in logistical planning of the conference including working with the schedule and keynote speaker
Assistant-Secretary-General (ASG) of Delegations: Assists in recruiting and registering delegates
Assistant-Secretary-General (ASG) of Business & Conference: Assists in the ordering of conference materials and merchandise
Assistant-Secretary-General (ASG) of Technology: Responsible for photographing and documenting conference events and assists in running social media

Responsibilities include:
- Weekly Secretariat Meeting on Thursday nights at 8:30pm
- Working with your Under Secretary General to accomplish tasks
- Attending the fun events planned for the Secretariat and chairs ~ shouldn’t be a hardship :)
- Being present for the conference from Oct. 25--28

Application is due Sunday, September 16th at 11:59pm.
Please contact Jessica Ainooson at if you have any questions, concerns, or need an application extension.

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Are you free for a Secretariat Retreat (Saturday Sept.22/Sunday Sept.23)?
If you are not selected as an ASG, would you want to serve as a Crisis Director for a committee? *
From a separate crisis room, the Crisis Director will prepare crises to engage delegates and propel action in the committee room, coordinate with staff to create multi-media updates and respond to inquiries from delegates and other SCSY staff members, and work with the chairs to ensure that the topics presented are relevant to the issues at hand.
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