Sandoval Reflection
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How much have you learned about US History so far? *
I have not learned anything new
I have learned a lot about American history and can see connections to present day
What are 3 words you would use to describe your experience in this class so? *
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How do you feel your technology skills have grown since beginning this class? *
Have not acquired any new tech skills
I feel like I have learn a lot of new technology tools & feel more capable with technology
Does Sandoval have a classroom climate that makes you feel comfortable? *
How do you feel you are learning with Mrs. Sandoval's teaching style? *
I have difficulty learning
I feel confident in the material taught
Do you feel like you are learning more, less, or the same as your history class last year? Explain *
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Explain your reasoning for the above response *
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What do you think Sandoval should do more of, or add, to be an effective teacher? Be honest. *
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Any other comments you would like to add for Mrs Sandoval
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