Statistical Questions
The criteria for a question to be a statistical question are:
1) There is a defined population that is answering the question.
2) There are more than two answers.
3) The data can be represented numerically
(first name and last initial) ex: Nancy K.
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Class Color
How much money does each Brown School teacher have in their wallet right now?
Which teacher has been teaching the longest at Brown School?
How long have the teachers at Brown School been teaching?
How many pairs of shoes does Mrs. Phelps own?
How many pets do each of the kids on team 6-2 have?
Do you like pretzels?
Write a Statistical Question
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Write a Non-Statistical Question
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What criteria is missing from this question? How tall is Mrs. Bickelhaupt?
How could you change the previous question so it becomes a Statistical Question?
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Write a Statistical Question about Ice Cream.
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Write a NON-Statistical question about ducks.
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