2017 New-To-District Workshops

New-To-District Transition Workshops, led by BHHS Intervention Counselor, Mrs. Norman-Franks, will help students thrive in all aspects of school life. Students will learn how to succeed inside and outside of the classroom and will learn tools to start preparing for college. Topics will range from time-management and exploring extracurricular activities to coping with peer pressure. Students will get the opportunity to meet upperclassmen, administrators, guidance counselors and other community members. New-To-District Transition Workshops are a fun way for students to learn how to successfully transition into BHHS and to prepare for future goals. Thriving at BHHS is not only about getting good grades, but it is also about self-discovery and getting involved in school and the community.

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* All workshops will be held from 9:30 am- 12:00 pm at Beverly Hills High School, Room V33.
“Explore the Ins and outs of Beverly Hills High School”
“Beverly Social Scene”
“Start Preparing for College”
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