Department-wide updates – Is this blocked in my department?
Thanks for contributing to!  This form allows you to send in your observations for which services are blocked within a specific department. Your answers are anonymous.

For each online service, you'll be asked if the service is
1. open by default
2. restricted, or only available to certain staff or under certain circumstances
3. blocked

If you're not sure, just choose the (Unknown) option. Feel free to choose this option for any of the services you're not familiar with.  

If you only have one service you'd like to send in, you can use the following simplified form:

If your department or agency isn't included in the options below, you can suggest it using the following form:

In some departments, network or firewall settings are different between Headquarters and regional offices. You can optionally specify your office environment or add other background notes on this page. Continue onto the next page of the survey to enter your observations about each service.
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