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This form serves as a way for me to get to know you to determine if you would be a great fit for the Badass Moms Club!
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What would your main discussion points be? Please list 1-5 points you want to talk about (for example: your miscarriage, why you think there needs to be better postpartum care, how moms can support one another, what it's like having a baby with down syndrome etc). I am very thankful that you want to share your journey on my podcast. For the sake of keeping the episode around 1 hour, try to keep your 1-5 discussion points around 30 minutes. This will allow for questions to be asked/answered and tips/helpful strategies to be given. *
What has been your biggest struggle as a parent? *
What are the top tips/strategies you can give to other parents who may be going through something similar as you (or if you're a professional, top tips/strategies regarding your topic). *
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